Belt changing

Belt changing

Changing Pajero accessory belts

I changed all three accessory belts (alternator / power steering / air conditioning ) myself on a petrol 3.5 V6 GDI, it took a couple of hours. Not much different to any other vehicle:

This worked for me, follow at your own risk. I chose to replace all three belts at the same time, so at least I know there were all done.

- 50/50 coolant
- new belts
- grease
- WD40

- metric socket set and selection of 10-14mm spanners
- pliers

- remove bashplates (4 bolts)
- loosen, disconnect and remove top radiator hose (2 clips)
- some coolant will be lost, plug the pump opening with a rag to stop any debris getting into the pump
- remove lower section of rad. shroud (unclips)
- unbolt and remove rad. shroud (4 bolts)
- carefully slide rad shroud up, past fan - without damaging rad. fins
- place some plywood or board over the radiator to protect fins
- unbolt and remove fan (4 bolts)
- clean fan and coupling, inspect for leakage damaged blades (replace fan if cracked)
- loosen tensioner pulleys (3 no.) using extension bar, alternator bolt is accessed from beneath
- write down the belt routes!
- remove old belts (3no)
- remove tensioner pulleys, inspect, clean, grease, and reinstall (see note and photo for ac pulley)

- Carefully inspect crankcase pulleys and the crankbolt (well known problem)
- install the new belts
- adjust tension pulleys (3no)
- tested by rotating longest length between pulleys should be about 90 degrees rotation
- reinstall fan, fan shroud, lower fan shroud, top hose
- top up coolant
- vent air (bolt top of thermostat housing see photo below)
- start up, checking for leaks/belt squeal adjust as needed
- after a good run re-check coolant level and bolts are tight

Air Conditioning Tension Pulley and Dustshield
Due to lousy design the ac tensioning pulley also requires a dust shield (probably because Denso provided the part and the standard mitisi 14mm nut would not fit). When I removed mine there was a huge amount of carp lodged behind it . Left to right Nut, pulley, and cleaned dust shield
Pajero ac pulley

Air Vent
The red arrow pointing towards the air vent plug (bolt) on top of the water pump assembly.
Pajero air vent


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