This website/blog is about four wheel driving, and specifically my imported (direct from Japan) 3.5 V6 LWB GDI Mitisbushi Pajero. Living in here in Hong Kong has it's challenges, I have joined a number of overseas forums but still its tough to get information (can't even buy a Haynes manual here) when the local language is chinese and the user manual is in Japanese.

I am going to document my likes and dislikes over time, hopefully building up a better picture of the vehicle (it is totally different to my old V8 rangie), and photos, add extra information, useful links, hints and tips, etc.


It has been more than a year, and the truck is excellent, however there are a few things I don't like.

Parts from the dealer cost a small forture, and apparently it is the same the world over Mitisbushi screw owners on the cost of parts.

I really don't like the autobox. I live on the top of a mountain, accessed down a steep desend. And the autobox drops into down into first when it is really not necessary. Since the 2-1st ratio has quiet a difference everyone in the truck gets the big surprize as she drops into first without notice and all the passengers are thrown forward due to the large change in momentum.

The autobox / brain has change down "feature" to tackle hills. Often the brain changes down to 4th, when 5th gear is fine. Luckily having the tiptronic gearbox you can manually engage 5th, can't imagine how the non tiptronic boxes run.

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