Pajero Links/ Clubs / Websites

Pajero Links/ Clubs / Websites

Seems I have already hit the limit, for blog external links! Therefore this article will list links to Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero/Shogun/Challenger) related web-sites. As usual, I'll update and expand with more links as time permits.

Due to constant spamming (and no means to control it) the chance to offer comments is withdrawn.
feel free to email me - don't forget to remove the spamfree.

Mitsubishi 4x4 Forums
You will be amazed at the amount and quality of information already available online, it pays to do some research first - use the search facility before posting a question:

Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria (AUS)
Outerlimits 4x4 (AUS)
SA4x4 (South Africa)
Difflock (UK)
The Mud Club (UK)
Pajero Owners Club (UK)
Pajerouk Portal(UK)
4x4wire (USA)

Other 4x4 Forums
Land Cruiser
Ih8mud (USA)
Massive list of LC related technical articles
Overlander (AUS)

4x4 Clubs
Hong Kong Offroader Club
Hong Kong Land Rover Club
Hong Kong Land Cruiser Club

How to articles and reports
Body Lift
Flashing Light Fix
Raising IFS - Torsion Bars tweak
How to repair ECU pre-94

Technical Articles
Shock absorbers - everything you ever wanted to know about shock absorbers and damping (based on LC but very useful)

Dog And lemon guide - important for Mitisibushi imports

4crawler {aka Roger Brown Lift Kit} (USA)

Warn Industries Winches

Don's Tyre Fitting Guide (gen I)

Interesting Trucks/builds
Don's Pajero
Action Jackson Land Cruiser

4x4 Review
OffRoadAdventures Magazine
Pajero Paint codes


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